The VP Techno Labs® International Hailed as One of India’s Most Recommended Cybersecurity Company

Mr Vivek Pancholi
2 min readSep 23, 2021


Top Cyber Security Companies in by TheManifest, USA

Thinking about the past two years brings us joy. Can you imagine that it has already been two years since we’ve embarked on this journey? With a goal to help companies through bleeding-edge technologies and bespoke solutions, VP Techno Labs® was created. In honor of our second year in the industry, we’re excited to celebrate our newest achievement with our clients. We’ve recently found out that our company was listed among the top recommended cybersecurity companies from India this 2021!

This is wonderful news to us. In light of this celebration, we’re taking a moment to highlight our story in the past two years.

Established in Y-2019, VP Techno Labs® is a Nadiad, India-based cybersecurity and network security company that aims to protect businesses and organizations all over the world.

See, because of the rapid evolution of the technology industry, businesses — regardless of size and market — are becoming more and more vulnerable to online threats. We rise to the challenge and serve as reliable partners for their needs.

Thanks to the unmatched efforts that we put in for our projects, we’ve gained the confidence and support of our clients. It is because of their feedback that we’re able to gain international recognition from various industry experts and institutions.

In light of their support, we’ve been hailed by TheManifest as one of the most reviewed and recommended cybersecurity services providers in India! The Manifest is a B2B news platform that showcases the notable projects of the top firms to help potential clients.

The site is dedicated to providing accessible and reliable information to the IT, marketing, and business services sectors.

This recognition means that we are among the top 15 service providers in our category. We’re regarded for our pricing, quality solutions, expertise, and overall client relationships.

We are grateful for this opportunity to showcase our hard work. The whole team of VP Techno Labs® is excited to see what’s next for us.

Let’s take on the rest of the year together! Rest easy knowing that your networks are safe with us. Get in touch with our team to learn more about what else we can do for your business.

This is VP Techno Labs® International — Protect What matters most to your business.

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Mr Vivek Pancholi

Founder & CEO of The VP Techno Labs® International — Your Trusted Cyber Security Brand!