The story of VP Techno Labs® early success

Mr Vivek Pancholi
4 min readSep 16, 2021


Startup Story - The VP Techno Labs® International — Your Trusted Cyber Security Brand!

The founder & CEO of VP Techno Labs® Mr. Vivek Pancholi faced many challenges to make the startup successful, his long term vision and able to handle pressure are the most critical key points that makes the startup successful!

He grew up in the middle class family, The most challenging problem he faced is “Financial Crisis”. He mostly faced challenges due to lack of proper finance!

While pursuing his primary education, he noticed that he was very weak in Logical Subjects like Mathematics, Physics. And Mostly teachers beated him due to his under-confident, serious and shy nature. If the teacher asks him a question, He was not able to speak fluently & correctly due to its eXtreme fear of known things even in classroom or in somewhere else!

He was neither participated in any school and college’s traditional festivals nor in sports! because of his introverted personality.

he has to manage his pocket money because his father couldn’t provide much money. So he learnt how to repair computers and electronic devices. This small job gave him immense knowledge and experience in the field of Technology!:-)

Somehow he completed his primary education and entered into 10th class, so he visited career counselor with his father. After some tests and reports, counselor told them that his IQ is very low, so he could not get in to fields like MBA, Engineering, etc. But he wanted to develop his career in the field of Technology & Computer, So he asked counselor, Can i get into Computer Engineering; But counselor strictly denies his decision. And he told me that if you choose this field, you won’t be able to successful into this field and this made him disappointed at that time.

He asked counselor, he will visit again after 1 week. In that 1 week time, he deeply thinks and finally decided to stick into previous decision. After some days, he visited again career counselor with his father and told that no matter what will going on in the future, no matter how much will he face challenges but he only choose Computer Engineering field!

After this incident, his lifestyle totally changed. This will become turning point for him!

He started study hard and practicing what he can do and what he can’t! After some months he observed drastic changes in his behavior and personality. In the free time, he read lots of books and articles about Motivation and Self Improvement. After some time, he was able to communicate fluently and properly. He also did daily 1 hour power nap & spiritual meditation. And that two things improved his Memory Power, Will Power and Self Confidence.

He had just one vision: “How he can improve himself in every way?”

In that time, he faced many difficulties but he never give up in any way. This never give up attitude, tremendous self confidence and able to handle unknown situation has changed his outlook regarding challenges and made him strong enough to face any problem!!:_)

After 4 years, he successfully completed Computer Engineering! He tried to get a job after graduation and he got selected also but he was never satisfied! He didn’t want to do that 9 AM to 5 PM Job! So he was planning to launch his own start-up.

“Read The story and actual reason why he always hates IT Jobs!!!”

He named this start-up as “VP Techno Labs®

The purpose behind this start-up is to help any sized organizations against today’s complicated cyber threats and data breaches.

He then started working 12 hours a day and 84 hours a week! Due to high productivity and innovative thinking, Within Just two years from starting, the company has gained 100+ global clients! And just within this time frame VP Techno Labs® Listed in Top 100 Cybersecurity companies in India! We gained confidence and strength when clients are satisfied with our work and extraordinary deadline management for their essential projects. From Y-2019 to now, VP Techno Labs® completed 200+ Projects from different individual clients and companies.

When he started the company, only he was working for his company, but they’re now team of 10 hard working peoples.

The VP Techno Labs® International is now multi-award winning, globally renowned, most promising, multi partners backed cybersecurity company.

Special Note:

Founder always loves his old parents rather than job. Oh Man/Woman, your parents and god blessings makes you successful one day. Just follow your passion, spiritually sound & vegetarian and let you feel the inner fire.

This is VP Techno Labs® International — Protect What matters most to your business.

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Mr Vivek Pancholi

Founder & CEO of The VP Techno Labs® International — Your Trusted Cyber Security Brand!