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Brief Story how I built a successful career in cybersecurity!

I was born and grew up in a middle-class family. During my childhood, I faced a lot of struggles to complete studies as I was already weak in studies.

But somehow I worked hard and was able to complete primary education.

After some years…

for managing pocket money, I learned how to repair electronics devices as well as computers.

Over the next few years, this job gave me immense knowledge and experience in fixing electronics devices and computers.

I’ve already burning desire to develop a career in the field of computers.

I was one of the weakest students in the class during school days. At that time, teachers(especially mathematics teacher) and most of my classmates insulted me several times and tried to ignore me because of my fearful, under confident and serious nature! I forgot what I learned and also scored very low marks, especially in mathematics. This continuously happened for so long.

And this is not enough, during 10th class, I visited a career counselor for advice with little hope which career shall I choose or which career is suitable for me. After some tests, the counselor told me that you’re not good at logical thinking so you couldn’t choose fields like engineering, MBA, etc. From the 8th std, my passion is in technology, computers. So I asked counselor, can I get into computer engineering field? counselor strictly denies my decision and told me that this field is not suitable as you’re not good in mathematics. So if you choose this field, you won’t be able successful in your career and this made me disappointed at that time.

I challenged counselor in front of classmates and parents and told that “I will surely choose computer engineering and be able to capable and successful! I will surely meet all of you after my graduation!!”

Again, the whole class and counselor laughed at me!

After some months……

I got admission into computer engineering branch at one of nearest college from my hometown. in Gujarat Technological University.

Turning Point…

I started to study hard and practicing what I do and what I learn. I almost had spent my time in learning! After some months, i observed total change in mine. In my free time, I read a lot about self-motivation, improving my communication skills and do meditation to improve my focus, strength and memory. I’ve had just one vision, how can I improve myself and prove everyone wrong? This vision helps me a lot to gain confidence.

By more practicing, I almost improved my self-confidence. My will power is already high at that time!

I faced many difficulties and challenges during this time, but I never gave up in any way. Main thing is: “This never give up attitude, Immense Self-confidence, Self-esteem changed my outlook regarding challenges and made me strong enough to face eXtreme situation and taught that how to get out from there!

Apart from college studies, I had to invest 5 hours per day my time in learning programming and cyber-security on the daily basis.

After 4 years…

And I won! I proved everybody wrong. I successfully completed the challenge that was initially given by me.

Then decided not to do any IT job and gave a fresh start career as freelance cybersecurity consultant by choosing the right passion.

Did freelancing projects from different companies and clients for 1 year

Next year in July-2021 incorporated a cybersecurity firm by choosing right name and gave a name VP Techno Labs.

I just want to say to them those have a passion to learn something and to achieve something but don’t have resources:

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

“Keep doing hard work, time can change anything.”

“Before giving up, just try one time!”

Keep silence and tell anyone you’re not doing anything and then later change the game by two negatives makes one positive rule.

Thank you very much for reading this! Hope you like it!

Special Turning Point and my recommendation…..

After Graduation, Started My Career with PHP Developer Job and after 2 years Ended up with severe physical illness {2 Times Heart Attacks, IBS-D, High BP} and mental illness{OCD, PD} from that toxic work place and constant health degradation even after recovering phase.

Don’t work in that place in which everyone except you smokes and forgot about health even though i don’t have any bad habits.

Oh Man/Woman, don’t smoke cigarettes, consumes alcohol. Your health is more precious than job. Your salary then will pay your hospital bills instead of telephone bills and EMIs!!

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