How to stay self motivated all times

Mr Vivek Pancholi
5 min readJul 18, 2020


Motivation is an essential part of our routine as well as work life. It is necessary to be motivated and have consistency to achieve goals and be successful. It promotes you to improve yourself and develop an attitude like “want to do even better than yesterday”.

“Motivation is all about to achieve your goals and improve yourself”

Here is some tips for self-motivation and these tips are personally applied furthermore tested by myself.

Don’t hesitate to try new things out!

I saw many peoples have some exceptional qualities, but due to unknown fear or fear of something known and due to this fear they become hesitant to try new things out of their comfort zone. And also some peoples those have fear of what others say. So developing this quality, you need to kick out your comfort zone. To overcome this,

Just follow below listed simple rules.

  1. To overcome fear of unknown, make things known to you and think about outcome, then handle with care.
  2. To overcome fear of known, make things unknown, even if known to you. don’t think much about that. Let you prepare this and say “I’m ready to take new and unknown challenges.

After mastering those things, you’re able to change your mindset and trying new things.

“Trying new things always improve chances to getting succeeded.”

Help yourself first and be independent

To help yourself, at first you must accept yourself. Just keep in mind that none of us is a perfectionist. Everyone has some unique qualities like, some are expert in dealing with other peoples, some are expert in analytical thinking and some are expert in creative thinking. Learn how to express yourself. Change your outlook towards yourself as well as things. Don’t think that I’m perfect, don’t think I’m nothing. think that I’m something. This one sentence will change your attitude towards problems and difficulties and also helps to develop self-confidence as well.

“Be a realistic positive thinker. Just positivity is garbage.”

Be prepared for worst and do best whatever you’d like to do

Just dreaming about success doesn’t make you successful. You need to take actions regarding your goals. For implementing this quality, make strict schedules or plans, make a to-do list. If possible use a diary or use sticky notes for our daily goals.

For example, you’re preparing to start a new business and you have plenty of resources, You’ve investors that are ready to invest in your business. Every business has four phases, like the Product definition, product manufacturing, advertising and marketing and target audience. But you don’t have execution plans and product idea, so how do you start. For this, you need to build a solid strategy towards your product development as well as business resources.

Suppose you’re ready to go and excited about results and thinking that business will surely get profit. In this scenario, you didn’t prepare yourself for facing the “Worst situation”.

In the best situation, you’ve got a profit in your business.

In the worst situation, you’re in loss and planning to change product type of thinking about to close your business.

To learn how to handle pressure and prepared for the worst situation. For this quality, build never give up attitude and self-confidence and ready to accept mistakes and correct them ASAP.

Develop tremendous self-confidence and will-power

For developing immense self-confidence, you’re advised to learn how to embrace pain and self-doubt. Practice facing some of your fears that stem from a lack of self-confidence. Embracing a little self-doubt and pain might actually help you perform better. You might learn that being a little nervous or making a few mistakes is not as bad as you thought. And each time you move forward you can gain more confidence in yourself. So practicing will give you option to correct mistakes made by yourself.

Have a strong passion for your interest

Build strong interest whatever you do. For example, whether you’re singer and you’d love to try new mashups and exploring new music categories. For exploring and mastering your passion and you do daily rehearsals and participating in singing programs. So it’s said that you have got passion for something. In our case, Singing is a passion. For others, Dancing may be passion. So start developing interest in your desired field. And continue pursuing your passion. For pursuing your passion, you need driving force.

Face rejections and never be emotionally vulnerable

The coin has two sides. This sentence can prove success and motivation. By facing rejections, your efforts and courage would increase. This quality automatically comes when you’re capable to embrace pain and faced struggles in your earlier life. Facing rejection doesn’t decide your future, so be relaxed and keep focused on your goals.

Immense driving force

This quality is a core part of being self-motivated. Driving force can be your purpose, your intuition power, your self-esteem, your love, etc. Driving force can easily help you to keep your focus towards goals that you’d like to pursue. It provides energy and electricity to your body and mind. Without driving force, you lose hope if you will face failures many times. So in this case driving force will provide you enthusiasm and self-believe attitude. So you an keep trying if you’ve failed in something.

“Driving force can help you to take right decisions and provides courage to take massive level actions.”

Never give up in any situation

Never giving up in any situation directly reflects your self-confidence, driving force and emotionally strong attitude. This attitude also comes automatically when you’re deeply interested or deeply involved in the passion that you follow. And giving up is not a solution whether coming to life or your goals. Just stick to your goals and you’re done. In future, surely you’re successful.

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