Master the art of communication!

Mr Vivek Pancholi
3 min readJul 5, 2020
How to communicate effectively?

Communication is a critical part of any business. Not just for business, but every aspect of our life. We need to communicate with each other and understand things to survive. For example, you can share different views or ideas, suggestions to other peoples, where you need to know how to communicate!

“Don’t let peoples control your side, just manipulate and impress peoples by communicating effectively.”

By taking an example of the business

This rule can be applied to business as well, In business, you need to handle clients or customers, and communicate with them to understand their requirements respectively. So for this, communication is the only thing that performs this task. You need to think by the customer side as well your side.

Effective and extraordinary communication skills is an essential part of any business. Like every business requires peoples that can negotiating with customers and provide better customer experience and increase sales of their products respectively.

How to master this?

Here are the steps need to be followed and performed to improve or enhance the art named “Communication”. It is divided into three stages.

Extraordinary Confidence

Yes! this is true. Before communicating, whether you are handling customers or sharing your views, you need solid confidence to speak confidently. If a person tends to be more confident then it is said that he/she is good communicator!

Isn’t it true? Yup.

I have seen many peoples those have good vocabulary power as well grammar but due to lack of confidence, they couldn’t speak fluently or making mistakes!

“Confidence is the Key to Success.”

With the help of confidence, you can make eye contact, so other people understand that you’re speaking right and feeling happy and confident! So it will expand further part. Confidence can surpass all barriers in communication.

Controlling facial expressions & gestures

While speaking or interacting with peoples, it is advised to use proper facial expressions as well as gestures. For example,

In the business meeting, suppose you’re boss of your company and you’re explaining the whole team how can we get more customers and increase product sales, so apart from speaking confidently, use hand gestures so that team can understand easily without any negotiations. That’s the main plus point of using gestures.

While explaining to the whole team, you’re using facial expressions like for asking questions or seeking a team’s point of views or suggestions.

So this is how communication expands further and continues…

“60% of our communications in routine life is non-verbal. So it is based on gestures and facial expressions.”

Mastering L R W S

This is a core part any language not just for English. LRWS is abbreviated as Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.

As in the above example, After the above stage, you explained and your team reacted positively to your explanations in a meeting. But you want team’s suggestions and advice of different experts that all are present in the meeting, so here is the L R W S used.

You listened to the team’s suggestions and reacted to.

So you listened first then you read some calculations mentioned by your teams then you correct some mistakes in calculations and then finally you revised your thoughts and speaks what need to be applied from now on.

So these are three phases to enhance communication skills and interact with peoples!

“Good listener is always good communicator.”

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