How to become powerful hacker?

Mr Vivek Pancholi
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Simple how to guide demonstrating how to become hacker.

So, you want to become hacker!

Follow the below-listed points, these all points will surely help you to become a powerful hacker. I’ve personally followed these steps and it helped me to become an ethical hacker.

Other common skills, like following:

Firstly, make solid problem-solving skill-set, i.e: you’re capable to solve any challenge that has come through practice. YES! that’s true. The more you practice, the more you’ll be capable to solve any challenge!

Develop Never give up attitude! which is very essential. For example, If you get stuck or if you couldn’t get the desired outcome after learning; don’t ever give up and keep your learning.

Make a daily routine and compact schedule and also be stable on your schedule. also, get one diary and note down everything like what you learned today, whatever challenges you faced? which milestones did you achieved? etc.

Track your progress effectively and by the responsible way.

Now come to main skills,

  1. Linux & Other operating systems proficiency

Learn more about operating systems. Like, Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux. Learn how OS operates and get your hands dirty by practicing on different operating systems and/or with different environment types.

Things to keep in mind while learning about operating systems.

Architecture like x86, x64, IA-32, etc.

Processes, Threads, Kernel, etc.

Command prompt, power shell, terminal or Cygwin shell.

In any operating system, the kernel is the main core functional part. Without a kernel, OS cannot work. So learn how to interact with the kernel and/or how to interact with processes and threads. Different OS has different kernel types, i.e: monolithic kernel, hybrid kernel, micro-kernel, etc.

2. Programming & Data Structures

Sharp your concept regarding Programming, Data Structures and algorithms. Without Programming , hacking is not possible. Learn at least 1 Common Programming Language which is used widely nowadays to the built web, mobile apps; Like Python, ASP.NET, PHP, etc.

I would recommend to learning python. Just because python is today’s most demanding and most popular language. And most of the tools were written in python language.

Data structures and algorithms are an advantage as apps have their logic and data storage, and for efficient use of storage, Data structures & Algorithms are necessary.

A powerful hacker built up their tools with their coding skills.

3. Networking & Protocols

Yes! You must learn networking to understand how the network is built ad how it is work. And apart from Network infrastructure, protocols are necessary to learn. Web applications are built up using programming language and data structures but to function web application networking is required. For different purpose, different protocols are used.

For example, POP, SMTP, IMAP protocols are used for Email purpose. FTP, HTTP, HTTPS are used for file transfer and file processing purpose.

You can also learn, how network devices like routers, switches, UTMs(Unified Threat Management), Firewalls, Repeaters, etc works?

Video tutorials, articles, reading blogs are great way to start hacking from scratch.

Use search engine wisely to get what you want!

Use Penetration testing tools, study materials, search engine wisely.

All the best for hacking…

“Thank you very much for reading..”

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